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(folded in warm pita bread served with tomato, cucumber, onion, potatoes and tzatziki or humus)

Gyro  18

fresh lamb and beef blend with spices, and


Beef Lula Kebab   18

fresh ground beef, with spices, grilled  

Lamb "Souvlaki” kebab  22

marinated fresh lamb kebab with spices, grilled  

Beef  “Souvlaki” kebab  22

marinated fresh beef kebab with spices  

Chicken "Souvlaki" kebab  17

marinated fresh chicken kebab with spices  

Pork "Souvlaki” kebab  17

marinated fresh pork loin kebab with spices  

Roasted Chicken Breast 17

Oven roasted lemon chicken breast with garlic, herbs, and lemon juice 

Salmon Fillet 22

marinated in garlic, spices, and lemon & grilled

Vegetarian  16

roasted mixed seasonal  vegetables


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