(served with rice pilaf or Greek potatoes and roasted vegetables or salad)

Souvlaki Chicken (Marinated Chicken Kebab)  16

Souvlaki Lamb (Marinated tender lamb Kebab)  20

Souvlaki Beef (Marinated tender Beef Kebab)  19

Souvlaki Pork (Marinated tender Pork loin Kebab)  16

Souvlaki Shrimps (Marinated in lemon juice ,

garlic, and herbs and grilled  21

Souvlaki Salmon Fillet (Marinated in lemon juice 

,garlic, and herbs and grilled  21

Gyro ( fresh ground lamb and beef blend with spices)  17

Beef lula  fresh ground beef, with spices  17

Greek lemon chicken  marinated chicken 

(leg quarter. or Breast) baked with garlic, lemon juice, and herbs  17

Roasted lamb leg or shoulder 

(house specialty )marinated and slow roasted, 

served with lamb sauce  23

Lamb shank  (house specialty) marinated and 

slow roasted, served with lamb sauce  24

Rack of lamb  marinated and grilled to perfection  26

Lamb Chops marinated and grilled to perfection  24

Moussaka (beef or veggie) (house specialty)

Layers of eggplant,  ground beef casserole of tomato, onion  spices topped with béchamel and  mozzarella  16

Veggie platter    

sauteed spinach and 2 veggie dolmades  20

Pastitsio  baked pasta and herbed meat sauce, 

topped with béchamel and mozzarella  16

Dolmades (beef or veggie) grape leaves stuffed 

with herbed vegetable and rice  16

Spanakopita  (2) baked filo triangles filled with

 sautéed spinach, garlic,  onion and feta  14